Is your Furnace Ready for Fall & Winter?

  • By Blue Flame Heating & AC
  • 26 Sep, 2016

Fall is here in Spokane and it's time to start your Fall Checklist to get your furnace ready for Winter.

With the onset of fall temperatures comes beautiful weather here in Spokane. And while we are all enjoying the crisp autumn breezes and Mother Nature’s color show, we know that the colder temperatures of winter will soon be upon us.

Getting your home ready for winter starts with ensuring your heating system is ready to keep your family toasty and warm no matter what comes your way. Here are several tips to prepare your heating system for the cold months ahead.

Check your air filters.

This is something that should be part of your ongoing home maintenance routine, but is especially important during the winter when your furnace gets the most use. Your air filter should be checked monthly to ensure that it is clean (you may find that your filter needs to be replaced on a monthly basis as well). If you have a flat filter, consider upgrading to a pleated HEPA filter or even and electrostatic filter. These help keep your furnace more energy efficient and can reduce allergens as well.

Clean your air ducts.

Your air vents and ducts are the perfect hiding spot for dust. Once your furnace turns on, it can blow around your home, causing increased illness and allergies, and making your furnace less efficient. Use the extension hose on your vacuum to remove as much dust as possible.

Inspect your belts.

Take some time to inspect the blower belt on your furnace and insure there are no cracks or signs of significant wear. If damage is evident, the belt should be replaced. If you do not feel comfortable doing this, consider calling in an expert to give your furnace a thorough check up.

Program your thermostat.

If you have a programmable thermostat, set the day and nighttime temperatures lower when you are asleep or away from home. If you do not have this technology, consider replacing your current thermostat with a high efficiency programmable model.

Inspect the exterior of your home. 

Check exterior flue vents for nests and other obstructions so that you have proper airflow in an out of your home.

If you are unsure if your furnace is ready for the winter months, give the experts at Blue Flame Heating & Air Conditioning a call. We have been helping residents of Spokane, Washington and the surrounding area with their heating and cooling needs for over 20 years.


By Blue Flame Heating & AC 07 Jul, 2017
When it comes to air conditioning repairs, the “if it’s not broke, don’t fix it” mindset is often practiced. In the midst of a Spokane, Washington heat wave, homeowners expect that the comfort of their AC unit will be readily available. If your air conditioner is not properly tuned-up, instead of enjoying cool air, you might be making an urgent call to a heating and cooling specialist. An annual air conditioning tune-up can save you from an unplanned cooling emergency and might even save money in the long run. Consider these important reasons to service your central air conditioning unit before the long hot days of summer are upon us.
  • Validate Home Warranty – Your home warranty protects you from unexpected issues. Many warranties require yearly service of major home systems such as HVAC to remain valid. Failing to get an AC tune up could leave you at risk for other expenses down the road.
  • Keep AC Healthy – Just a doctor’s check-up can help you maintain your health, annual maintenance of your air conditioner help you avoid more serious issues in the future.
  • Maintain Efficiency – Energy efficiency is an important topic for many homeowners. The more efficient your appliances, the less you will spend on monthly energy bills. Yearly tune-ups keep your AC running at top performance and can help reduce utility expenses.
  • Save the Planet – Having the air conditioning in your home properly maintain can have important benefits for the environment. Excess energy usage caused by an inefficient AC unit uses precious natural resources.
  • Consistent Home Cooling – Equal cooling throughout your entire home is highly desirable. An AC unit with issues can fail to maintain a cooling balance throughout your home, leaving upper levels significantly warmer than lower spaces. An air conditioning professional can help ensure that the temperature remains constant in even the warmest summer conditions.
  • Improve Air Quality – Clean air is something we often take for granted. We need air to survive, and we assume that it is safe. A poorly maintained AC unit could actually be harmful for your health spewing pollution and harmful toxins throughout your home.
Don’t get caught off guard by an unexpected air conditioning repair this summer.  Contact  the heating and cooling experts a  Blue Flame Heating & Air Conditioning  to schedule your air conditioning tune-up today.  
By Blue Flame Heating & AC 18 May, 2017

The first step in any job is always the most crucial for long term success. That’s why knowing the intricacies of both heating and air conditioning systems and how they should both be installed is crucial for a successful performance. Luckily, HVAC and heating professionals are experts and can adapt to any environment or home orientation to make sure your heating and air conditioning systems work seamlessly.

Here is some quick insight on how you know the time is right for a new heating and air conditioning system, and what to expect from the process.

Heating Systems:

A replacement heating system may be required if your existing furnace or boiler is over 15 years old, is not properly running, or is costing you more to maintain it that to just replace it. Another sign that a new heating system may be needed is if the temperature is inconsistent in different homes throughout your home.

If you are noticing one or more of these signs, Blue Flame can help you with the installation process of your new heating system. Our expertly trained technicians will go through a series of steps to properly install your heating system. After your old furnace is removed, we take detailed steps to make sure your new system is properly installed, and that you are properly informed on how it can best function.

The cost of replacing your existing heating system is truly dependent on the needs of your home. No two homes are alike, and our team is happy to work with you to find a customized and affordable solution for your house during our initial free consultation.

Air Conditioning Systems:

According to  Energy Star , air conditioners have a slightly shorter shelf life than a heating system or your home’s furnace, and should be replaced every 10 years or so. Other signs for a replacement system is if your home has excessive dust or if the sound of your system running is louder than usual.

That’s when you know it’s time to call Blue Flame for your brand new air conditioning system. During the installation process, we ensure that our systems provide the very best in air quality for you and your family. This happens through our whole-home air filtration process, the installation of our unique purification systems, and top-quality carbon monoxide detectors. We may also repair any damaged air ducts during our installation, depending on the status of the system we are replacing.

Just as when we install a new heating system, one solution does not necessarily work for all homes. That’s why we are happy to schedule a free consultation with you to determine what system works best for you, all at a price you can afford.

Let your friends and experts at Blue Flame Heating and Air Conditioning conduct the symphony that is your home heating and air system. Call us today at 509-536-1086, or  click here  to request a free quote!

By Blue Flame Heating & AC 14 Apr, 2017
"Thank you very much for eradicating our skunk problem!

When a spotted skunk found its way into our heating ducts, the worst happened: he was electrocuted on the furnace heating coils and the odors of burnt animal fur and skunk smell were efficiently distributed throughout our 2500 square foot home via our central heating system. It was terrible! The odor was so strong you could smell it outside the house. My husband and I and our two teenage sons all experienced nausea and headaches.

Your service technician was our hero. He crawled under the house, disassembled the heater, and removed the skunk. He then recommended we install an Air Scrubber Plus into our ventilation systems. I was skeptical that a small box installed into our ducting would solve the odor problems. Our clothes, our bedding, the furniture - everything smelled like skunk! Desperate for a solution, I scheduled the installation.

The change was nothing short of remarkable. After 24 hours the smell had dramatically dissipated. Perhaps my burnt sinuses could no longer identify anything at all? A friend stopped by and said it was noticeably improved. Three days after the installation my sons had friends over to the house and, even when given the whole story of what happened, no one could smell anything!

I didn't have to launder all our clothing and linens. Draperies didn't need to come down, furniture didn't need to be cleaned. Our coats hang on wall pegs over an air vent and all the linings had smelled especially bad. They're now perfectly fine and I did nothing but let them continue to hang on the pegs. In an upstairs bathroom I noticed clumps of hair in the air vent. I pulled a ball of skunk hair out but there was no odor.

The recommended product works. The Air in our home is now fresh and clean."

Thank you!
By Blue Flame Heating & AC 10 Mar, 2017

The average American family washes  300-400 loads of laundry  annually. Laundry detergent purchases throughout the year may not be the highest of a family’s bills, but this common product can have unintended costs. Overuse of detergent can cause  worn machines and faded clothing  as well as  harmful environmental effects .  How about considering a sustainable solution?

The Laundry Pro offers a option for clean clothing without the chemicals. Utilizing the same revolutionary ActivePure Technology developed by NASA and found in the AirScrubber Plus , the Laundry Pro uses activated oxygen to remove dirt and prevent bacteria growth.
By Blue Flame Heating & AC 16 Feb, 2017
With Spring comes many wonderful signs of the season that signal renewal and fresh starts—blooming flowers, sunny skies, and the return of green grass. But with the countless new plants that will grow and blossom in the coming months, pollens and allergens also fill the air. Yes, folks, it’s allergy season! We are all too familiar with allergies and how they personally impact us. There are fortunately ways to combat allergies, and it starts with maintaining the air quality of your home.
By Blue Flame Heating & AC 14 Feb, 2017
In order for your home’s central HVAC system to function properly, each and every component has to be working accurately. Sounds like common sense, right? Although that statement may seem obvious, one aspect of an HVAC system that we at Blue Flame often see go unattended is the air filters. Air filters not only protect your family from damaging pollen and dust, but they also act as a barrier for larger objects, such as loose insulation, from penetrating your home and causing damage.

What else happens when the central HVAC system’s air filters become dirty or damaged?
By Blue Flame Heating & AC 08 Feb, 2017
A furnace failing in the dead of winter can mean a nightmare for homeowners and lead to countless other problems as the house and its many pipes and appliances begin to cool down. Proactively maintaining your furnace and regularly checking for problems can save you a lot of trouble and a lot of money. It’s hard to notice any issues or irregularities with your furnace if you don’t know what you’re looking for. There are many different indications that your furnace might be in need or repair or replacement.
By Blue Flame Heating & AC 13 Jan, 2017
Air Scrubber Plus®   with ActivePure™technology, makes cleaning surfaces, mopping up offending odors, and reducing harmful airborne contaminants as simple as turning on your furnace, fan, or air conditioning system.
By Blue Flame Heating & AC 14 Dec, 2016

If you suffer from environmental allergies, you probably look forward to the first freeze to kill the outdoor allergens that have been making you miserable for the past several months. While cold weather can mean a decline in environmental allergies, coming indoors for the fall and winter can cause a host of other issues for allergy sufferers.

Closing up your home and starting your furnace can actually cause allergies to get even worse during the fall and winter. Proper maintenance of your HVAC system is crucial to help keep allergies at bay and improve your indoor air quality.  Here are a few things to consider:

By Blue Flame Heating & AC 21 Oct, 2016

With the cold weather here, our windows are closed up and our furnaces start working hard to keep to keep us warm. Although it’s easier to breathe for those with asthma and allergies, fall and winter can be particularly hard to get through just the same. Reducing the air circulation inside your home can trap dust, allergens, mildew, toxins or bacteria in your air causing your home to poor indoor air quality. It’s important to tackle those problems head on. If you would like to improve your home’s indoor air quality this season, here are a few helpful tips:

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